A. C. Law is dedicated to protecting the constitution, protecting the injured and obtaining favorable results.   The Firm keeps its case load at a minimum to thoroughly assess each client’s legal issue. Click Here to see our recent notable cases.

Most of the Firm’s clients are referrals from area attorneys and satisfied clientele which speaks to the Firm’s reputation in the community.

Here are our Virginia misdemeanor flat rates:

Assault: $1,500.00

Driving on Suspended (1st offense or 2nd offense): $1,000.00

Driving on Suspended (3rd or subsequent offense): $1,500.00

Driving Under the Influence (1st offense): $2,000.00

Driving Under the Influence (2nd within 5 or 10 years): $2,500.00

Possession of Marijuana (any offense): $1,000.00

Possession with Intent to Distribute (Misdemeanor): $2,000.00

Probation Violations: $1,000.00

Reckless Driving (1st offense): $1,000.00

Reckless Driving (2nd or subsequent offense): $1,500.00

The above flat fee rates for legal representation do not include additional costs i.e. investigators (if necessary), expert witnesses, depositions, court costs and appeals of court decisions. All additional costs would have to be approved by the client.
This not an offer for representation and all cases need to be accepted by the firm via a formal Engagement Agreement.
If you are charged with a Felony, you will need to contact the firm for separate consultation and pricing. 
Fill out the information below and we will contact you regarding your case.