Legal Assistant

Monique ("Investigator Extrodinaire") McAllister is a native Washingtonian. Who has respectfully resided in Ward 8 for the last decade. She was inspired and driven by her father who was a federal police officer. As a single mother education was always a very important part of her journey to success. She first started at UDC(University of the District of Columbia) as a participant of UDC Workforce Development Program where she received a Certification as a Home Health Aid. Which assisted her in becoming a empty nester who has proudly raised four children, her oldest son 27 is a HVAC technician, a 25 daughter college sophomore is a UDC student concentrating on Law Enforcement, a 23 year daughter graduate of North Carolina A&T with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication & Broadcasting, and her youngest son who is 21 has graduated from Roosevelt High School. He is a locally known playwright with the Young Playwrights Theater and also is a senior at Virginia Union pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication & Broadcasting.

While attending UDC CC not only did she excel academically, but she was crowned Miss UDC CC 2015-2016. In this position she created and organized a student base club called the DIVA's (Determine, Intelligent, Vibrant, Attributes) & BROS (Brilliant, Rigorous, Optimistic, Soldiers) The participants were students of various backgrounds and cultures engaging in all fields of studies and worked in the DCPS (District of Columbia Public School System). They interacted with 9th and 12th graders, conducting workshops on etiquette and presentation skills. They prepare them to engage properly with authority figures in their community.

She also served as a Student Senator, representing the Liberal Studies Department, as a member of the Student Government Association. In addition, she served as a liaison for the student body, assisting students and staff with concerns about policies, procedures and course objectives.

After receiving her Associates Degree in Science, in the Liberal Studies Department, she participated in the Criminal Law Internship Program offered at the Public Defender's Service for the District of Columbia. As an Intern Investigator she supported the Chief and Deputy Chief Staff Attorneys for the Parole, Trial, and Civil Divisions for a year. While in that position all her client cases were resolved with successful outcome. She used the experience and knowledge gained and became her own brand as a Federal Criminal Justice Act Criminal Investigator.

As a non-traditional student she takes the word "FIRE" UDC's mascot Firebird very serious. She's currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Administration of Justice. With the "FIRE" under her feet she walks every day with three themes in mind - "every issue is an opportunity"- "those who fail to plan, plan to fail"- and "get in the picture or you will be blinded and by her flash". Upon graduating her goal is to give back to her community and open a non-profit organization. This organization will serve non-custodial parents with monetary issues involving child support. Her organization will provide housing and employment while they participate an apprenticeship program in the construction trade of their choice. The goal of this organization will be to prepare them with skills so they become financially stable, more productive in society, and happy in their careers.

Monique is nicknamed the Investigator Extraordinaire after she obtained footage that set a wrongfully accused man free for obtaining the video that set a wrongfully accused man free. Here is a link to more information on that case. Monique is also responsible for re-created lines of sight in a drug case. Due to her work on that case, Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew O. Clarke, Esq., was able to draft a Motion that led to the dismissal of that case.

Monique is often lauded by our clients due to her charm and personality. She is also the first line of contact for new clients signing on to the Firm. She is often tasked with reaching out to Courts, Commonwealth Attorney's Offices and Opposing Counsel's law offices.